The Muslim Market


Because we decided we are not already eating enough fried/street food, my friends and I went to the Muslim market of Shanghai.

It is composed of many stands, all selling an interesting mix of Asian/Middle East food.

There, there was an interesting choice of diverse nuts. I really wanted to buy some dried grapes and apricots to make a tajine, but it was pretty expensive (because imported)!



Basically, we spent our time trying every single item on each stand (which is A LOT). It was incredibly good. I particularly remember a stuffed bun with tender warm lamb and spices. I bought it for only 3 Yuan (50 cent USD)!


Most of the food is cooked on embers. I guess that is why the muslims’ meat was so tender. They directly cooked their bread on it.  It reminded me of Turkish Pide bread or Indian bread. It is a thick slightly chewy galette which resembles a pizza base.


One of the most surprising discovery we made is a little dessert which tasted almost exactly like…a tiramisu! I wanted to bring some more home but obviously the stand ran out of it..

The vendors were also selling some raw meat.


A very nice couple selling raw meat. They were so happy to pose for my photo!

The market was definitely a great culinary experience, even though it was finally not that big (a dozen of stands). I will probably come back some time to get some more “tiramisu” and stuffed buns 😉


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