Shanghai’s Single Market


I wanted to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art this Sunday, but the line was so long to get inside that my roomies and I ended up walking around in the park right next to the museum.


It was very nice and calm, I would say like what you could expect from an Asian garden. Chinese people master the skill   to create this ambiance favorable to meditation and rest. I actually wanted to take a class on the art of Chinese garden at Fudan University, but unfortunately it is not available in english…

So, we where just walking there and suddenly, out of nowhere, we saw a strange gathering of people…

We wondered what was going on?


Well, believe it or not, there is a square in Shanghai where you can post dating advertisements. People go there and publish on the wall a message showing their photo, age, weight, the studies they did, their interests and contact information. (Or sometimes moms take care of this, which leads to hilarious public scenes during which desperate Chinese men and women beg their mother not to publicly humiliate them)

DSC_0195 DSC_0197

This place is literally the ancestor of dating websites. It is actually pretty funny to look at, and I was really surprised that so many people were seriously reading through the posts. I wonder if many people found their wife or husband through this system


Maybe I will one day end up posting my announce there to find me a Chinese man? Who knows!


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