Cooking in China


The Canal right next to my apartment 

As I have been experiencing how it is to have my own apartment, I also discovered how annoying it can be when you have to cook your own meal after a long day. Fortunately, there are many things that I think make the task easier for foreign students in China than those living in New york.

First, the food there is really cheap. If you feel tired and just want to grab a snack, you can go to the many restaurants next to Fudan and eat a huge bowl of filling noodle soup for almost nothing. Look at the photo below:


How much do you think this would cost in a New York restaurant? (not a snack, an actual restaurant where you are sited and all)?

I would have said probably 7 or 8 dollars at least. Well this cost me 10 Yuan which is 1.6 USD! I know, that is just incredible and such a good excuse to taste local food and don’t cook at home.

But when I feel courageous, I try to cook. Again, as long as you go for local food, the ingredients are really cheap. I generally go to little street stands to buy vegetables, fruits, noodle, rice and eggs.

DSC_0392 DSC_0393

Last time I bought many fruits and Muslim bread and it cost me only 6 USD.


I use them to cook local food. I decided that since I now live in China, I should live as close to Chinese culture as possible. So generally, a daily meal for me would be noodle soup, fried rice with pork, egg drop soup or noodles.

DSC_0337 20140223_120512


I think it is generally pretty healthy, which is great. I want to ask my Chinese roomie to teach me how to cook real Chinese meals, as I feel like mine are sometimes quite westernized.

Maybe I will start posting some recipes?


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