Purpose of this blog


This blog has two purposes:

-First I want it to be a mean for me to get in touch with my friends and family at home. China has restrictive regulations concerning internet use. I thought a blog would be an effective platform to share photos easily, get everybody to see what I am doing, and also tell me what they are up to. That is why there are a “photo gallery” section, with all the photos of my trip, and a “leave a message” section, with an easy form to leave comments.

-The second function of this blog is to provide an insight on how it is to live abroad. I have been wanting for a while to work on comparison between countries. I would like to tell how living abroad is different from traveling abroad. This blog ought to explore what really is someone’s daily life in China. It will include articles about local customs in what I hope will be an interesting and funny way!

*all the photos in this blog will be from personal archives unless indicated. Please ask me if you would like to use them for public purposes. 


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