Things about me

My name is Amandine!


 I am a French student living in one of the most exciting city in the world: New York. For two years, I have been experiencing on a daily basis what it is to live in another country. However, since I still lived with my family, I decided that it was time to get to another level of discoverya total independent immersion in a much more different culture.

Last Fall semester I started thinking about studying in Shanghai. Thanks to the support of my university,  the TEAN association, my family, my friends, and hard work, I could get enrolled at Fudan University and get a housing with four other students.

I am now leaving with them in the Yangpu District. Our apartment is pretty cosmopolitan, since I have one Vietnamese roomie, a Swedish one, and American one and a Chinese one! I will start classes this february, pursuing my double degree in Political Science and Economics.

I have always been very curious, and eager to understand how other people think, but it is truly when I moved to New York that something magic happened. Starting traveling kind of opened a door in my mind. It was an enlightenment. I discovered my true self (though I am still working on it).

I hope this blog will leave you as curious to reach out to others as I was when I first landed in the U.S. two years ago.


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